USDA Labeling Requirements

USDA Labeling Requirements

Much of what goes on label on the product is dictated by the USDA FSIS (Food Safety Inspection Service). A great resource is the FSIS Compliance Guideline. If you are wanting to make a claim such as "Grassfed," Non-Gmo, etc., this must be submitted to the FSIS for approval.

Basic Label

Every package of meat processed at PCM will be labeled with: Customer/Farm Name, and Address, Product Name, Safe Handling Instructions, USDA Legend, Product Weight, Priced if requested.

Special Labels
Labeling Requirements

Custom Colored Labels (“Pretty Labels”)

Some customers prefer a custom-designed, full-color label. These labels have to be designed, printed, and ordered from a third-party company (with relatively high minimum orders) at the expense of the customer. This option is considerably more expensive and requires additional time due to the design and ordering process. As long as no special labeling claims are made, USDA FSIS approval is not required with this option.

If using labels from a third-party producer, it is the customer's responsibility to keep track of his or her inventory at PCM.

Special Labeling Claims

Some customers wish to use “Special Labeling Claims” such as “grass-fed,” “no added hormones or antibiotics,” "local," etc. These claims must be approved by USDA/FSIS using Form 7234-1 found at The application process through the USDA is a free service; however, should you need assistance, Piedmont Custom Meats will be happy to work with you. Please contact us here.