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Kill, Dressing, and Disposal

  • Hog: $60/head skin or scald
  • Beef: $70/head
  • Bison: $110/head

Breakdown Only

  • Cow (quartered): $40

  • Hog (cut into 4-6 pieces): $15  

Kill, Dressing, Disposal & Processing Flat Fee

Goat, Sheep, Lamb: $100
Alpaca: $125 - Under State Inspection

Cut & Wrap—Pricing Based on Hanging Weight

All products are custom-labeled for each customer & vacuum-packed with a USDA Seal.

  • All animals (unless otherwise specified): $0.90/lb

The USDA charges an extra fee for processing Bison and Water Buffalo. The fee is $59.96per hour. The average process time is about 1hour and 15 minutes. This fee is listed as a line item on your invoice.

Further Processed Items

Skinning of Scalded Hog: $40/head if we remove skin during processing

Sausage (all flavors EXCEPT those listed below) - 50# minimum per flavor
  • $.20/lb. – 1# or 5# packages in roll-stock or old-fashioned chubs

  • $.75/lb – links or patties

  • $1.30/lb - small breakfast links

                  Premium Flavors ( Chorizo, Maple, Mild Xtra Sage, Hot Xtra Sage, Apple Cinnamon, Merguez, Mild - NO SUGAR ADDED)

  • $.40/lb  - 1# or 5# packages in roll stock or chubs
  • $.95/lb - links or patties
  • $1.50/lb - small breakfast links          

Meat Loaf Seasoned (Ready to cook): $1.00/lb - 50# minimum

Montreal Seasoned Patties: $.50/lb - 50# minimum

Chili: $2.00/lb - #25 minimum

Rendered Fat: $1.50/lb (based on finished weight) - minimum 150 pounds+ of raw product
                         $2.00/lb (based on finished weight - minimum 75 - 149 pounds of raw product

Bone Broth: $100.00 - Yields about 50- 26 fluid ounce selling units

Hot Dogs: $3.00/lb - based on green weight (50# minimum)

Bologna: $3.00/lb sliced, $2.50/lb chunk - based on green weight (50# minimum)

Jerky: $3.00/lb - based on green weight (uses top & bottom round of animal approximately 70-70lbs - depending on animal)

Smoking Fees (Beef, Pork, Lamb, Bison) - based on green weight
  • Sausage $1.40/lb (any flavor)

  • Smoked Boneless Hams - (3-4# buffet Style) - $1.40/lb
  • Smoked Boneless Hams - (1/2" thick only sliced) - $2.29/lb
  • Smoked Boneless Pork Loin - (cut into 2-3# ) - $1.40/lb
  • Smoked Boneless Pork Loin - (1/2" thick only sliced) - $2.29/lb

Heat Treated - Not Fully Cooked
  • Smoked Side Meat (bacon) - Slab $1.40/lb
  • Smoked Side Meat (bacon) - Sliced 2.29/lb

We can accept frozen meat from another USDA plant for further processing. Due to the handling and record keeping requirements, an additional $.90/lb processing fee will be incurred.

Additional Fees

Please note, we no longer offer cardboard trays, but you may bring your own coolers to pickup completed product—free of charge.

If you prefer, product can be put into:
10# boxes: $.75 per box
40# boxes: $2.50 per box.

Orders can also be palletized for a fee of: $6.00 per pallet.

Returning hides/pelts to customer (need to be picked-up day of kill):
  • Cattle & Bison: $50

  • Sheep: $10

Applying additional label (customer's pre-printed custom label):
  • Hogs: $15

  • Cattle & Bison: $30

New Customer Label: $50 one-time set-up charge - changes can be made at any time at no charge.