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Kill, Dressing, and Disposal

  • Hog: $60/head skin or scald
  • Beef: $70/head
  • Bison: $110/head
  • Disposal fee:
    • Beef/Bison - $4.31 per head
    • Hog: $3.06 per head

Breakdown Only - Must be picked up by 12Noon

  • Cow (quartered): $40

  • Hog (cut into 4-6 pieces): $15  

Kill, Dressing, Disposal & Processing Flat Fee

Goat, Sheep, Lamb: $100
Alpaca: $125 - Under State Inspection
Disposal fee: Sheep/Goat - $1.31 per head

Cut & Wrap—Pricing Based on Hanging Weight

All products are custom-labeled for each customer & vacuum-packed with a USDA Seal.

  • All animals (unless otherwise specified): $0.90/lb
  • Cattle processed as a Side A and Side B will be charged an additional $20.00 per animal.

The USDA charges an extra fee for processing Bison and Water Buffalo. The fee is $64.98per hour. The average process time is about 1hour and 15 minutes. This fee is listed as a line item on your invoice.

Further Processed Items

Skinning of Scalded Hog: $40/head if we remove skin during processing

Sausage (all flavors EXCEPT those listed below) - 50# minimum per flavor
  • $.20/lb. – 1# or 5# packages in roll-stock or old-fashioned chubs

  • $.75/lb – links or patties

  • $1.30/lb - small breakfast links

                  Premium Flavors ( Chorizo, Maple, Mild Xtra Sage, Hot Xtra Sage, Apple Cinnamon, Merguez, Mild - NO SUGAR ADDED)

  • $.40/lb  - 1# or 5# packages in roll stock or chubs
  • $.95/lb - links or patties
  • $1.50/lb - small breakfast links          

Meat Loaf Seasoned (Ready to cook): $1.00/lb - 50# minimum

Montreal Seasoned Patties: $.50/lb - 50# minimum

Chili: $2.00/lb - #25 minimum

Rendered Fat: $1.50/lb (based on finished weight) - minimum 150 pounds+ of raw product
                         $2.00/lb (based on finished weight - minimum 75 - 149 pounds of raw product

Bone Broth: $100.00 - Yields about 50- 26 fluid ounce selling units

Hot Dogs: $3.00/lb - based on green weight (50# minimum)

Bologna: $3.00/lb sliced, $2.50/lb chunk - based on green weight (50# minimum)

Jerky: $3.00/lb - based on green weight (uses top & bottom round of animal approximately 70-70lbs - depending on animal)

Smoking Fees (Beef, Pork, Lamb, Bison) - based on green weight
  • Sausage $1.40/lb (any flavor)

  • Smoked Boneless Hams - (3-4# buffet Style) - $1.40/lb
  • Smoked Boneless Hams - (1/2" thick only sliced) - $2.29/lb
  • Smoked Boneless Pork Loin - (cut into 2-3# ) - $1.40/lb
  • Smoked Boneless Pork Loin - (1/2" thick only sliced) - $2.29/lb

Heat Treated - Not Fully Cooked
  • Smoked Side Meat (bacon) - Slab $1.40/lb
  • Smoked Side Meat (bacon) - Sliced 2.29/lb

We can accept frozen meat from another USDA plant for further processing. Due to the handling and record keeping requirements, an additional $.90/lb processing fee will be incurred.

Additional Fees

Please note, you may bring your own coolers to pickup completed product—free of charge.

If you prefer, product can be put into:
10# boxes: $.75 per box
40# boxes: $2.50 per box.

Orders can also be palletized for a fee of: $6.00 per pallet.

Returning hides/pelts to customer (need to be picked-up day of kill):
  • Cattle & Bison: $50

  • Sheep: $10

Applying additional label (customer's pre-printed custom label):
  • Hogs: $15

  • Cattle & Bison: $30

New Customer Label: $50 one-time set-up charge - changes can be made at any time at no charge.