We are currently filling any cancellations and future appointments from a waiting list. If interested in an appointment, email us what species, number of animals, date requested and best way to contact you to: waitlist@piedmontcustommeats.com . Questions? Call us at 336-628-4949.

We are scheduling January - June 2022 appointments. July - December 2022 will open on March 19, 2022. You may call 336-628-4949 or send your request to appointments@piedmontcustommeats.com

The USDA and the NCDA have both deemed services such as ours essential and therefore, as long we have a healthy workforce,  WE WILL BE OPEN! That said, please be aware of a few temporary changes we have made and implemented during this time involving the disruption to our normal everyday lives and our businesses. These have been made so that we can serve the maximum number of customers and continue to offer a high level of customer service.

  • When you bring in animals on your appointment day, you may only bring in the number and species for which you have an appointment. All others will not be unloaded. We are at maximum capacity each day.
    • Please observe our current animal acceptance standards:
      • Cattle- 600 pound minimum, 1700 pound maximum, horn span 24" maximum;
      • Pigs- 120 pound minimum, for scalded hogs - 350 pound maximum
  • Please plan to bring cut sheets with you when you drop off animals or we can help while you are in the office.
  • 14 days is currently the maximum hang time for beef and bison due to the high demand.
  • In an effort to process the large influx of animals, we have temporarily suspended the making of hotdogs, bologna, jerky, chili, bone broth and rendered fat, smoked sausage, smoked hams and smoked loins. We will continue to process bacon on our standard schedule that product will be available 10-14 business days after your initial order.
  • We have also temporarily suspended the acceptance of previously processed product and product from other USDA facilities for further processing.
  • With the large demand we are experiencing, all orders are to be picked-up with 48 hours of notification of they completion. We will continue to email your invoice and call when orders are complete. Any order not picked up within 48 hours of notification is subject to a $20/day storage fee. Due to the freezer capacity in Gibsonville,  if your order is not picked up within 48 hours, your order will be taken back to Asheboro and subject to the storage fee. 
  • We accept cash, checks and credit cards (no fee).

We truly appreciate your business and ask for your patience and understanding as we attempt to navigate through these next weeks. We are here to answer questions and welcome the opportunity to work with you.   -   Piedmont Custom Meats

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  Beef         Pork          Lamb / Mutton        Goat         Bison         Water Buffalo        Alpaca

  • Custom Labels
  • Fresh or Frozen Pick-up
  • Full Traceability
  • Production Report
  • Animal Welfare Approved
  • Temple Grandin Handling Facility

   Prices and Cut Sheets

Animal Harvest - 9683 Kerr's Chapel Road,  Gibsonville, NC  27249

Animal Processing - 430 NC HWY 49S, Asheboro, NC  27205

Finished Product Pickup - You, the customer, specify where you would like to pickup!

To Schedule an Appointment - Call 336-628-4949